What is the Best Way to Clean Glass Shower Doors?

What is the Best Way to Clean Glass Shower Doors?

Glass shower doors are elegant and modern, but they might leave you searching for (or wondering) what the best way to clean glass shower doors is. For many people, the thought of keeping glass shower doors clean can be a deterrent and might cause them to shy away from these fixtures. But, with a few essential tools in your arsenal, you should be able to keep any glass shower doors (and the rest of your shower) clean and looking beautiful.

Over time, the surfaces in your shower collect grime, mineral deposit buildup and soap scum. “Soap scum” occurs when waxes in soaps and other bath products react with hard water. So, depending on your bath products and water quality, the amount of soap scum you deal with in your daily life may vary. Switching to different bath products or investing in water softeners can help reduce this soap scum build up, but it’s still inevitable.

Soap scum doesn’t just affect glass shower doors, though it does tend to be more unsightly there because of the glass’s transparency. Soap scum also accumulates on tile, tubs and shower curtain liners.

So, how do you get rid of it?

Vinegar is a popular natural cleaning tool, and it works great on soap scum. Warm vinegar mixed with dish soap in equal proportions is an excellent DIY shower cleaner that easily cuts through soap scum and other grime. Simply mix these two ingredients in a spray bottle, spray down your shower doors (and the rest of your shower, if you wish), let it sit for a few minutes (as much as 30 minutes) and then give the surfaces a good scrub.

It’s important to note that you should be careful when using vinegar in your shower if you have stone fixtures or tiles, as vinegar can damage stone. To be on the safe side, instead of using vinegar, mix dish soap with borax or baking soda to create a paste, and then use this to scrub your shower door with a non-abrasive sponge.

It’s important to not neglect the edges, creases and tracks of your shower doors, too. These spots are prime locations for mold and soap scum to accumulate. Use a toothbrush to gently loosen soap scum and other grime that has accumulated in these areas.

One of the best times to clean your shower is right after you’ve showered. The warm water you used in your shower has already done some of the work for you by loosening the grime. Use a soft sponge or cleaning pad to remove the soap scum. This is best done once a week in between monthly or bi-monthly deep cleans.  

To keep shower doors cleaner in between deep cleans, keep a squeegee in your shower so you remember to use it on your doors after you shower. Keeping the doors clean and wiping down any moisture after you shower will help prevent hard water deposits and soap scum from building up, saving you some scrubbing time later. You can also use a towel or microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces instead of a squeegee. In addition to using a towel or squeegee, you can buy or make a daily shower spray to quickly spray down your shower after you wipe it down.  

The best way to clean shower doors is to try to keep them clean with daily use! By adding these simple steps to your daily shower or weekly cleaning, you can prevent (or at least put off) the need for more rigorous deep cleans later.

If you’d like to know more about shower doors or other glass replacement services, contact Missouri Glass Co.

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